week full of refactor

My Project has grown a lot now, we are officially going to support  C, C++, python3, JS, CSS and JAVA with our generic algorithms, though they’ll still be experimental owing to the nature of the bears.

The past two weeks were heavily concentrating on refactoring algorithms of the AnnotationBear and IndentationBear, the IndentationBear received only small fixes while the AnnotationBear had to undergo a change in the algorithm, the new and improved algorithm also adds the feature of distinguishing between single-line and multi-line strings while earlier there were just strings.

The IndentationBear is almost close to completion barring basic things like:

  • It still messes up your doc strings/ multi-line strings.
  • Still no support for keyword indents.

the next weeks efforts will go into introducing various indentation styles into the bear and fixing these issues, before we move on to the LineBreakBear and the FormatCodeBear.

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