Breaking Lines

As the GsoC period comes to an end i have only two major tasks left to do, one being making a LineBreakBear, which suggests line breaks, when the user has Lines of code that are more than a max_line_length setting, and the Other is adding Indents based on Keywords in the IndentationBear. 

This week i was able to device a simple algorithm to suggest line breaks. If you’ve followed my blogs you’d know that there’s something I like to call an encapsulator :P, it’s a fancy name for different but not all types of brackets. So the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Get all occurences of lines which exceed max_line_length
  2. Check wether these lines have an encapsulator which starts before the limit
  3. Find the last encapsulator started in this line before the limit.
  4. Suggest a line break at that point with the new line being indented in accordance with the indentation_width setting.

Now this algorithm is really simple and does not consider border cases such as hanging-indents.

Hopefully by the next blog posts i’d have completed my Project. I’ll have lots to share about my experience this year 🙂


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