Final Submission

This program was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. During the entire GSoC phase i was able to contribute to mainly two repositories of the coala organisation, A sub org under the Python Software Foundation.

These include commits on the coala repository:

and the coala-bears repository:

coala-bears also contains a branch which hasn’t been merged into master yet, All my commits on this branch can be found here:

I’ve been really grateful to my mentor Fabian, and the admin of my sub-org, Lasse, I’ve had the most enriching discussions with these people 😀 , Cheers to coala, FOSS and the entire GSoC experience,  i’ll definitely look forward to working beside these people after the program as well.

Breaking Lines

As the GsoC period comes to an end i have only two major tasks left to do, one being making a LineBreakBear, which suggests line breaks, when the user has Lines of code that are more than a max_line_length setting, and the Other is adding Indents based on Keywords in the IndentationBear. 

This week i was able to device a simple algorithm to suggest line breaks. If you’ve followed my blogs you’d know that there’s something I like to call an encapsulator :P, it’s a fancy name for different but not all types of brackets. So the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Get all occurences of lines which exceed max_line_length
  2. Check wether these lines have an encapsulator which starts before the limit
  3. Find the last encapsulator started in this line before the limit.
  4. Suggest a line break at that point with the new line being indented in accordance with the indentation_width setting.

Now this algorithm is really simple and does not consider border cases such as hanging-indents.

Hopefully by the next blog posts i’d have completed my Project. I’ll have lots to share about my experience this year 🙂